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South Caucasian Moving Museum of Photography

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The Moving Caucasian Museum is the invention of Alexandre Roinashvili - Pioneer of photography in Georgia and South Caucasus. In the 2d half of 19th century the moving museum of Al. Roinashvili was aiming to feature in different cities all over the Georgia and Russia the reach collection of pieces gathered by Roinashvili in the museum. In the 2d decade of 21st century, The South Caucasian Moving Museum of Photography will provide the travelling screenings of slideshows program.


The travelling screening program of the South Caucasian Moving Museum of Photography will be established on the bases of slideshows that are part of the Multimedia Archives and I-MEDIATHEQUE of PHEI. Each travelling screening will be followed by the public lecture on the history of photography in South Caucasus or some challenging social issues.

programme duration
6 months
Start Date:
Jan 30. 2019 - Nov 30. 2019

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