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South Caucasus Moving Museum of Photography in the village Zemo Nikozi, Gori Region

South Caucasus Moving Museum of Photography in the village Zemo Nikozi, Gori Region

© Tako Robakidze

The second event of the Moving Museum of Photography - the screening followed by a public lecture by Georgian photographer Tako Robakidze - will be held in the village Zemo Nikozi, Gori Region. The event will be part of the program of 8th edition of The International Festival of Animation Films «Nikozi» that has a particular social-cultural and political importance as it is held in the village that is located at less than 1 km from Tskhinvali.

“Creeping Borders” - a documentary movie by Tako Robakidze as well as slideshow of images from her long- term personal project focusing on the consequences of Russian occupation will be featured in the frame of the Moving Museum event in Zemo Nikozi.

“Creeping Borders” was produced with the support of the Magnum Foundation as part of the Photography and Social Justice Fellowship.

The Moving Museum of Photography in Zemo Nikozi is organized by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum and is part of the project “South Caucasus Photography Hub for Education and Innovation” financed by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency in South Caucasus (SDC).

The event in Zemo Nikozi - to be held on September 2nd at 14.00 Bishop’s Palace - is free for local and international audience.

Sep 02. 2018 - Sep 02. 2018
Zemo Nikozi, Bishop's Palace, Gori Region

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