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PHEI mediatheque, photo book library & i-mediatheque


Multimedia Archives

The Multimedia Archives is an initiative to store and unite projects of South Caucasus and international photographers. The first of its kind in the region, the archives come alive through programmes deeply rooted in education and innovation. Within the archive, high-quality videos contain photographs, audio, and film which are paired with subtitles in Georgian and English. The rich selection of works is available for viewing at the TPMM Mediatheque but as a digital resource, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A unique project, the archives gather pieces from almost all actively working South Caucasian photographers, spanning across different generations. A selection of international artists builds a global context for exploration and interconnectivity. To deepen understandings of these pieces, PHEI (South Caucasus Photography Hub for Education and Innovation) develops educational programs for the broader public on local and international scales that explore the archives in innovative ways. 


i-mediatheque is the interactive web portal and forum for the Multimedia Archives. It digitally gathers TPMM's collection of photography and multimedia pieces from South Caucasus and international photographers. The online platform promotes the limitless possibilities of digital technology and the importance of online interaction. Users from around the world can access the rich multimedia archives and learn about projects at TPMM. All works are displayed with authorization from photographers.

As part of PHEI, i-mediatheque provides a platform for work from the Multimedia Lab; here, South Caucasian women produce new photographic multimedia works.

Multimedia Production Lab Grant Program 2018
Multimedia Production Lab Grant Program 2019

The PHEI library currently relies on donations to produce its outstanding collection. We wish to thank:

Françoise Reynaud - Former Head of Photography Department of Carnavalet Museum and independent curator (France) 
Gintaras Cesonis - Director of the Association of Lithuanian Photographers and of Kaunas Photo Gallery (Lithuania)
Ljubisa Danilovic - Photographer /Tendance Floue Agency (France)
Grégoire Eloy - Photographer /Tendance Floue Agency (France)
Editions Xavier Barral - Publishing House (France) 
Patrick Bouteloup - Head of Circad (France) 
Hippolyte Gallery (Finland)
Marta Gilli – Former Director of Jeu de Paume (France), Head of the National School of Photography in Arles(France)
Tamar Lordkipanidze (Georgia)
Lika Mamatsashvili - curator (Georgia)
Yusuf Sevincli - photographer (Turkey)
Alain Willaume - Photographer /Tendance Floue Agency (France)
Jeroen Kummer - Founder and Creative Director of Kummer & Herrman (The Netherlands) 
Karen Mirzoyan - Mizroyan Library (Armenia)
Karolina Puchała-Rojek -  Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii (Poland)
Agnieszka Rayss - Sputnik Photos (Poland)


The donated collection of photobooks brings together a remarkable selection of regional and international photographers’ books. It is the first and only significant photobook library in the whole South Caucasus region.


In the future, a collection of documentary and fiction movies on the history of photography and masters of photography (including South Caucasian photographers) will be established too.


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