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Under the White Moon of March: The Chronicles of Protest

Under the White Moon of March: The Chronicles of Protest

David Mdzinarishvili

The exhibition "Under the White Moon of March: The Chronicles of Protest" is both a part of the protest movement that started in Tbilisi on March 6 and its chronicle. The exhibition planned in parallel with the ongoing events will bring together the works of a large group of photographers and will change along with the development of the protest movement - photographs, reflecting the dynamics of the protest will be added to the exposition.

Featured photographers:

Lana Bliadze
Mariam Giunashvili
Giorgi Gogua / 64
Giorgi Shengelia
Ika Khargelia
Dato Koridze / Radio Tavisupleba
Nicolo Vincenzo Malvestuto
David Mdzinarishvili / Anadolu Agency
Justyna Mielnikieviewicz
Kristina Morchiladze
Guram Muradov /
Giorgi Nakashidze
Dina Oganova
Tamar Okropiridze
Juda Khatia Psuturi
Mzia Saganelidze / Radio Tavisupleba
Guram Tsibakhashvili

The protest movement, which began on March 6, is the reaction of civil society to the law on "agents of foreign influence" initiated by marginal politicians. The law is in contradiction with the country’s course and the aspiration supported by the constitution - to lead Georgia in the direction of European integration.

The movement, which started against the law, turned into massive demonstrations against the policy saturated with double standards implemented by the government of Georgia. The protest movement, which has already become universal, unites 3 generations of civil society and aims to protect and strengthen the European choice of Georgia!

As Europe is the choice of modern Georgia! We have fought and will continue to fight for the creation of an educated, diverse, open, and tolerant civil society, which is nourished by the idea of freedom and humanistic values.

We will not get tired of repeating - no to Russia!

Our weapon in this battle, along with unwavering determination, is visual storytelling, which not only documents the events unfolding in reality but creates a unique opportunity to reflect on and better understand them as well. This strength and professional courage are exemplified by each of the photographers whose works are included in the exhibition. As well as all other photographers and journalists who cover the protest movement at the risk of their life and health.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by one of the poems of the outstanding haiku poet - Matsuo Basho, where the awakening of Shiro in the pure light of the full moon becomes a symbol of a great awakening.

The beginning of the protest movement in Tbilisi coincided with the full moon.

Mar 10. 2023 - Mar 28. 2023
Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum M. Kostava 14., Hotel

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