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Nata Sopromadze

Nata Sopromadze

© Nata Sopromadze. Vanitas. 2016 - 2019

Vanitas (2016 - 2019)


In my photographs, which I have been taking for years, I discovered that the same images keep appearing: flowers on the graves, grey hair, pools of blood during the mountain celebrations, fading plants, cemeteries, lifeless animals left on the roads… I see the connection between these images. None of the photographs depict a person. Each photograph is a still life, and a symbol of life’s transience and the certainty of death. It has become my way of fighting the fear of death, by understanding it through the medium of photography.


The reality depicted in the photographs, despite its tragic connotations, often contemplates on the beauty. The whole process of collecting the evidence of the ephemerality of life has turned in to one big mystery for me. This very indefinable mysticism attracts me the most in this very unusual collection.


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