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Year: 2019-2020
Country: Italy
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In the early 1980s, the movements always reflected on the trio: reflux, armed struggle and heroin. The three elements that characterized that tragic period. Telling an increasingly widespread topic, social unease, rebellion, drugs, freedom, this story is the one of my sister. At 23 she committed suicide and I am giving her back the life she did not live, she taught me to love and I owe her a new life, in a new dimension, promises of love between sisters. The idea is to make her travel the world, as she has not been able to do, through street art and various artistic projects in progress. In the photos I insert bright colors, sentences from his secret diaries, the glitter describe the false illusion of the drug, I mix the past and the present giving it a new contemporary life so as not to forget her.
This project was born from a letter received 5 years after her death, it was undoubtedly her. The same words, the same way of expressing through another person, who acted as an intermediary, this letter saved me. The project is the result of a social redemption. I bring back my sister, the protagonist of a life never lived, saving her and me. I was inspired by the idea of fragility and the relationship between death and life. Time freezes when a loss becomes infinite. My childhood never lost its magic, it never lost its drama. Love does not end, death does not separate.

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