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Nino Jorjadze

Artist: Nino Jorjadze
Year: 1914-1917
Country: Georgia
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Video duration: 02:46

Nino Jorjadze has been photographing WWI with the Kodak camera of her brother - Giorgi Jorjadze. She has been photographing all over the Caucasus Front: in Sarikamish, Kars, Anis, Nazik, Karakamis, Ani ruins and many other locations. Her pictures are effective portrayals of several aspects of war with series of images showing the frontline everyday life, post battle scenes, portraits of war participants - high ranked officers, soldiers, refugees, military doctors; as well as horrifying reality of the typhoid epidemic outbreak, the ruined infrastructures and landscapes. The graphic simplicity and emotional power make the body of work of Nino Jorjadze a memorable chronicle of WWI.

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