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New Born

Artist: Hrant Khachatryan
Year: 2020
Country: Armenia
Video Duration

Video duration: 01:46

You live your daily life when, suddenly, you hear about a virus that kills people. Maybe you don’t pay much attention at first, but after a while you just don’t understand what is happening in the world. Still, it seems so far away from you until one day you wake up and learn about the first case in your country. The pandemic is so close now, as is the fear. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, my wife was in her seventh month of pregnancy. We had our own fears now, on top of the global panic. The only thing that always helps me out is photography. So I started taking pictures of everything and everyone around me.

Hrant Khachatryan is the shortlisted photographer of the EU Neighbours East - Fotofestiwal photo contest - Family Connections. The gala awards event in Tbilisi was organized in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum.


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