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Imaginary World

Artist: Saba Gorgodze
Year: 2013-2020
Country: Georgia
Video Duration

Video duration: 05:11

I was six, when my parents bought the first TV set. The gift was included: cable TV with foreign channels. I would just sit for hours and watch cartoons. Almost each of the cartoons would have at least one character with skateboard. The colourful characters would defeat the laws of physics, charm me and leave me a space for dreams.
I was 15, when I bought my first skateboard. It was made of iron.
By 2013, I started shooting. I was shooting people and events surrounding me. Everything was linked with skateboarding and skaters for me then, and, accordingly, I was shooting skaters. Skateboarding helped us escaping social hardship and responsibility.
Since 2015, the Imaginary World went beyond the skaters and transformed into the psycho-social study of my generation – millennials. It is still going on.


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