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Belarusian Connections

Artist: Pasha Kritchko
Year: 2023
Video Duration

Video duration: 01:55

After the events of 2020 in Belarus around the presidential elections and the violently suppressed protests and repression by the authorities, many family ties were severed or continued to exist in the new reality. For many of us, it has become normal that every day people are detained in the country and deprived of their freedom. We also take it for granted that it is advisable for those who actively participated in the events of 2020 to leave the country and not return there until this changes, otherwise they will be detained. We are used to seeing our relatives once a year or, with luck, they were able to travel with us or get a visa.

Pasha Kritcko is the shortlisted photographer of the EU Neighbours East - Fotofestiwal photo contest - Family Connections. The gala awards event in Tbilisi was organized in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum.

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