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„...And We Came Out To See Once More The Stars“

Year: 2018
Country: France
Video Duration

Video duration: 49:09

“…And We Came Out To See Once More The Stars” is an attempt to reflect on the recent history and current reality of Georgia. It is also an attempt to return to the realities of 2004, at least in our imagination. To the realities, when one small village of Didi Liakhvi Valley – Kekhvi, and the other villages, too, still existed, and when we, staring into the starry skies under zipping bullets, could not even imagine that in just a few years the occupation line would cross Georgia for 350 kilometers and would divide villages, houses, apple orchards, cemeteries, hills and forests; would break the lives of thousands of people into two; and we would work on this project and name it “…And We Came Out To See Once More The Stars” – the final verse of the Inferno from Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.


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