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17 Moments of Spring

Artist: David Meskhi
Year: 2016-2019
Country: Georgia
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Video duration: 04:33

The fascinating moment between leaping and falling is difficult to put into words. The brief feeling of weightlessness when the body reaches the highest point, pausing momentarily before reversing direction and gravity pulls it back towards the ground, except last step never happens in my photography… The dusty cosmos on a gymnastic carpet, makes it all blurry by magnesium powder. Like creatures from another world, the half-naked, well-trained bodies seem to plummet from the sky.
Meskhi’s characteristic images are paired with long-distance and close-up photographs of sun- and moonscapes, whose qualities and traits captivate the artist to a similar degree as human body movement. they basically continuing subject of the body and giving human and celestial different meanings and qualities. These flying sportsmen were like super powered heroes from other universe - the world outside Soviet Union.

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