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Brume | Grégoire Eloy

Brume | Grégoire Eloy

Mari, Omalo, 2020 © Grégoire Eloy, Tendance Floue

“Brume” -  an exhibition of the French photographer Grégoire Eloy -  unites photographs resulting from his traveling and photographic experiences in the mountainous regions of Georgia in 2018-2020, as a part of the Tbilisi Photo Festival residency program. 


Wishing to experience the landscape physically, Grégoire Eloy has traveled to Tusheti and Khevi on foot, on horseback, and in winter on skis to capture the raw beauty of the mountains, the most isolated villages and the people who live there by choice or by the absence of solutions. 


“Brume” combines classic documentary photography as well as experimental work. During the making of the “Brume” and within the framework of this residence, Grégoire Eloy has created a series of unique prints that result from handmade analog photographic printing techniques. These photographs have been “baptized” as “géorgigrammes”. They are now part of the permanent collection of Musée Nicephore Niepce in France, and will be publicly exhibited for the first time at Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum as part of the “Brume”. Gregoire Eloy’s new book Omalo compiles some of these images (The Eyes Publishing, 2022).


Grégoire Eloy first came to Georgia in 2006 to photograph displaced populations and post-war distressed situations and has made several trips since. 

In 2019, his exhibition “The Bird’s Nesters”  was part of the 10th edition of the Tbilisi Photo Festival. 


Grégoire Eloy is based in Paris.  Since 2003, through long-term personal documentary photo projects, he has been exploring the legacy of the Soviet regime in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, including the South Caucasus and Central Asia. 

In recent years, he is more oriented on science and the environment.


Grégoire Eloy’s photographs are part of international private and French institutional collections.  

In 2021, Grégoire Eloy became the recipient of the prestigious French photography award - Prix Niépce. 

Since 2016 he has been a member of the Tendance Floue French collective.


Jun 22. 2023 - Sep 12. 2023
Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum M. Kostava 14., Hotel

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