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Webinar / Robert Capa : A Georgian Journal. 1947

© Robert Capa : A Georgian Journal. 1947
TPMM launched the series of webinars facilitated by Nestan Nijaradze - co-founder/Artistic Director of Tbilisi Photo Festival and Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum. 
Through her curatorial and educational practice, Nestan Nijaradze contributed to the development and popularisation of the medium of photography in Georgia since the early 2000s and has curated numerous exhibitions that have promoted the rich tradition of Georgian and South Caucasian photography outside of the region. 
This series of webinars seek to unveil to a local and international audience the vibrant, yet unknown photographic heritage of Georgia and South Caucasus countries.
The webinar "Robert Capa : A Georgian Journal. 1947" will reveal some nuances of Capa - Steinbeck's trip to Georgia as well as the collection of images that documents is.

In 1947 Robert Capa and American writer John Steinbeck, visited 3 of the former Soviet Republics: Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. This journey resulted in John Steinbeck’s book, "Russian Journey," which was illustrated with Robert Capa's photographs.

The “Russian Journal” was published in USA in 1948, where critics rebuked it for being pro-Soviet. In the Soviet Union, however, the book was considered anti-Soviet and would not get translated and published for nearly another 40 years.

                                                                         The webinar was held on April 21st, 2020


programme duration
1 hour
Start Date:
Apr 21. 2020 - Apr 21. 2020

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