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Interactive Multimedia and Web Doc - Workshop by Christian Barani

The long term workshop mentored by renowned French video Artist Christian Barani was focused on production of multimedia and interactive multimedia projects.

Interactive multimedia is a contemporary form of media that is used when working on journalistic and artistic projects and it integrates text, image (photo and video) and sound. 

During the workshop the participants have been working on ongoing and new projects under Christian Barani’s mentorship. 

The workshop organised by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum and is part of the project South Caucasus Photography Hub for Education and Innovation (PHEI) - sponsored by Swiss Cooperation South Caucasus.

The works produced in the frame of the workshop were the part of the multimedia installation And We Came out to See Once More the Stars, that had open Tbilisi Photo Festival 2018 on September 13th at Stamba Hotel.

Start Date:
Jan 26. 2018 - Sep 20. 2018

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