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Emil Agaev

Emil Agaev

© Emil Agaev. Baku Boulevard. 2007-2021



I spent quite a long period of my life photographing our Boulevard By The Sea. I’ve been catching moments of today life, valuable moments of reality, and this approach kept me away from a simple thought: I’m recording a part of the history of this one of the most beautiful places in Baku. I’ve been always interested in the magic of each and every single moment - not in keeping track of the continuation of life. But time passes, nothing stays the same.

And I suddenly realized that my collection of images must be organized in a specific way - a historical, I would even say, a chronological order. Only in this case, I would be able to show people the flow of time seasoned with waves, winds, and cries of seagulls. Because photography is not only about catching the moment. It is also about documenting life, in the first place. And that is how the idea of this book was born.

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