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Across the Mountains: South Caucasus Photography, Volume I

Across the Mountains: South Caucasus Photography, Volume I

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Across the Mountains: South Caucasus Photography, Volume I curated by Anna Shpakova is show that includes various genres - from documentary and photojournalism, to multimedia, video and art projects - that exist on the verge of contemporary art and photography. The aim is to promote the new generation of South Caucasian artists working on tough topics that mainstream society often overlooks. These topics include evolving traditional values, gender (with a focus on women rights and masculinity), conflicts, immigration, minorities, and marginalization. 

TPF has specially invited champions of cross-border storytelling, the multi award-winning regional media platform, Chai Khana, and Salaam Cinema - a new independent platform in Azerbaijan that promotes equality, inclusion and diversity throughout the program of performing arts, creative movies, exhibitions and educational workshops. The show is initiated by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum and is part of the project – South Caucasus Photography Hub for education and Innovation.

PHEI project that is supposed to become a regional platform gathering South Caucasian photographers, artists, curators, experts of visual culture and actors of civic society in order to enable to use the power of photography as medium for empowerment for important social and cultural changes by being responsive to pressing social, environmental and cultural issues such as human rights , population and sustainability and social justice. PHEI is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Exhibition Opening
September 21, 20.00
MOMA, Z. Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art

გამოქვეყნების თარიღი სექტემბერი 16. 2019

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