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Fabrika of Images in village Upper Nikozi

Fabrika of Images in village Upper Nikozi

"Fabrika of Images" is an educational platform for children and offers participants the chance to reflect on the world and its images and to learn more on different disciplines through/with images.

Program has contained - practical and theoretical studies on history of photography, camera-obscura, portrait followeb by the exhibition on photographs done in the frame of workshop series.

The first edition of four months workshop series in village Upper Nikozi, Gori Region was mentored by Guram Tsibakhashvili and Sophia Lapiashvili.

"Fabrika of Images" is organised by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum and is part of the project “South Caucasus Photography Hub for Education and Innovation”. The project is financed by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency in South Caucasus (SDC).

The program went in collaboration with CinéDOC-Tbilisi / CinéDOCYoung that was contributed by screening of short movies for children followed by appropriate discussions.

გამოქვეყნების თარიღი დეკემბერი 20. 2018

თბილისის ფოტოგრაფიისა და მულტიმედიის მუზეუმი

სასტუმრო „სტამბა„
მ. კოსტავას ქ. 14 თბილისი, 0108 საქართველო

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