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Love Etcetera

Year: 2011-2014
Country: France, Pakistan
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These images gleaned along the years by a duo of photographers unfold moments of this human adventure called love. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it remains a culmination in a lifetime. Young lovers posing like flowers in a garden in Rangoon, the shadow of clandestine paramours on a wall in Lahore where love is legal only in marriage, a love fight on a concrete beach in Odessa, a worker asleep in his hovel and distractedly watched over by a topless muse with an absent smile, a man serenading a celluloid bride in Havana, the complicity between a man and his dog, the lustful bodies of two hijras in a Pakistani street. The scenes follow one another, tender or fervent, merry or melancholic, and celebrate the multiple faces of a rebellious, diverse and forever elusive feeling.



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