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Graveyard for the Anonymous

Artist: Kamel Moussa
Year: 2017-2020
Country: Belgium
Video Duration

Video duration: 04:12

Chemseddine Marzoug, a Tunisian fisherman, a native of Zarzis, fights daily to ensure that the remains of the dead migrants at sea are buried with dignity. He also fights for the survivors, trapped midway between the attractiveness of a Western world, and the misery of their home country, that they flee: to find a roof and a decent life. Flowers and wooden boards numbered, in a rocky landscape. Without a cross or steel, the «Graveyard for the Anonymous» has nothing of an ordinary necropolis, just like the destinies of those who are buried there. “Life rejected them. So, in their death, they must be given a dignified and respectful funeral. That's the least “, insists Chamseddine.

This series of slideshows have been recorded in order to create new artistic and educational opportunities for the Futures Talents - the photographers that are part of Futures platform.

In 2020 Tbilisi Photo Festival has joined the FUTURES - Europe based photography platform co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. Futures bring together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across the world.

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