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Educational platform for children - Fabrika of Images and printed exhibition of South Caucasian photographers

The printed exhibition of works of South Caucasian photographers will be gathered and displayed publicly for the first time and will give the visibility to the rich traditions of regional photography and very dynamic contemporary scene of artists working in the medium of photography. Associated activities in the frame of Fabrika of Images – will be linked to the permanent exhibition of South Caucasian photography. Fabrika of Images is an educational platform for children and offers participants the chance to reflect on the world and its images and to learn more on different disciplines through/with images (like Geography of South Caucasian countries, History of South Caucasian countries, Art History of South Caucasian countries etc)..

Through theory curses and practical workshops, the groups of children from primary to high school will be taught to come to grips with image issues. In close association between the teaching teams, professors of different disciplines (Geography, History, History of Art etc) and image professionals, the participants of Fabrika of Images will center around three core concerns: analysis of the image, an understanding of its production, diffusion and reception contexts, and hands-on participation in a group project - a film, a journal, a book, etc.

Fabrika of Images will take place on Saturday, once a month during 9 months per year during 4 years. Some outdoor sessions will be organized too.
programme duration
5 months
Start Date:
Feb 23. 2019 - Jun 22. 2019

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Stamba Hotel
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